Teaching Walls

Teaching Walls, also referred to as Teacher Walls, Media Walls, Learning walls, etc are increasingly popular in modern classrooms.


Their purpose is to integrate teaching resources in a coordinated way that allows them to fit against one wall. Traditional items like storage units and sliding whiteboards sit alongside media tools such as interactive whiteboards and projectors screens. Storage units can be simple cupboards, shelf units and drawer units to laptop storage/charging units or tray units. Other items like pull out worktops for the teacher to use and fume cupboards can be incorporated – the possibilities are endless.


Since we can supply to any size, shape and colour we can combine your teaching resources in a compact and neat design that can exactly match your needs and fit the space available in each classroom.


These photographs show teaching walls that incorporate cupboards, trays, vented laptop storage and charging, open shelf units, sliding whiteboards, an interactive whiteboard and a fume cupboard. So call us today to see how we can create your ideal teaching wall.



Customising isn’t expensive and doesn’t delay delivery – we usually deliver within 4 weeks!


Since we specialise in laboratory furniture as well as fume cupboards we are able to fulfil most requirements for science facilities.


So, if you need anything from a single fume cupboard to a fully fitted out laboratory contact David Eva by phone, fax or e-mail, for a free quotation.


We will do our best to ensure that you get exactly what you want.

Workspace & Educational Furniture Brochure

Mobile science benchDesigned as a starting point for your discussions with us, this outlines different areas in which we can help you with your project; it also includes a large selection of photographs from finished projects and two case studies to illustrate how we work with our clients.